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Zoloft is heaven/hell for anxiety and dp.

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Had to up my Zoloft dosage last night as I was suffering bad panic attacks all night due to lack of sleep and could not sleep because of the panic attacks. I took an extra 10mg of Zoloft and it helped but my dp has gone bad again and I was showing improvement the last few days. I hate this, Zoloft pretty much cures my anxiety attacks/panic attacks but it makes my dp/dr 10 billion times worst, but if I come off the medication my panic attacks get so bad then that brings on the dp. It's a constant loose loose situation as my dp is anxiety induced. I came off Zoloft for good a few weeks ago and the anxiety was that bad I ended up having a panic attack and collapsed twice, as you can imagine the next day I had full blown dp and felt high as fuck all day. Heading to bed now and debating what to do, do I keep to the upped side an not have the anxiety or do I stay on 25mg and have anxiety. I wish this dp would just go away!!!! It's such a soul destroying fucking illness. Sorry for the language just fed up of getting 10 steps better then 20 steps worst, it's like a daily battle.
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I ALWAYS try and say nothing about Zoloft because i hate making sweeping statements, but search the forum for Zoloft, i've read a few positives, but i know for me it defiantly wasn't the one and it's always (or usually) the first thing the GP in England will give you. I have family members, myself, people i've talked to and read many stories who could not stand it.. but that doesn't mean it's not for you or anyone else reading this.

What i will say is you are on it, so you will know if it's not for you, if it makes you worse, it's not you (after 6-8 weeks)... the next one another GP in England gave me was Mirtazapine and i've tried 14 medications, it was for me. So don't give up, try another medication. Good thing about Mirtazapine is it's listed under PTSD which DP is thought of as a subtype (on the NHS anyway), so easily available under the NHS, but first i'd get past 8 weeks, say it isn't working and they will probably hit that next
Hi. Zoloft is a bitch, I was on 100mg and it caused me horrific depression, dp was put of control & it made me feel like I was going mad. I was on mirtazapine and it was great untill I had an allergic reaction to it. 25mg of zoloft does help as my dp is induced from panic attacks so its the anxiety I have to get a grip of not the dp. It's a never ending battle. x
Shanon you should try getting off this meds and try some natural stuff.

Magnesium, Inositol, l-thenaine, exercise and cold water therapy. These things have done wonders.

Your body and mind are just disconnected, it doesnt mean it cant be connected again. All you have to do is to return the poweI
I did come off it hun and I went worst, see mine is caused by anxiety so I need eliminate the anxiety not the dp, but the more anxious I get it makes me dp unbearable x
I have been on so many antidepressants and zoloft is the only one that helps my panic and anxiety attacks, I came off it a few weeks ago and it was hell for me and my dp went a million times worst, seen a massive difference to me on them tbh but it's finding the right amount. I know but dp is soul destroying esp when you're new to it. x
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