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Zoloft is heaven/hell for anxiety and dp.

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Had to up my Zoloft dosage last night as I was suffering bad panic attacks all night due to lack of sleep and could not sleep because of the panic attacks. I took an extra 10mg of Zoloft and it helped but my dp has gone bad again and I was showing improvement the last few days. I hate this, Zoloft pretty much cures my anxiety attacks/panic attacks but it makes my dp/dr 10 billion times worst, but if I come off the medication my panic attacks get so bad then that brings on the dp. It's a constant loose loose situation as my dp is anxiety induced. I came off Zoloft for good a few weeks ago and the anxiety was that bad I ended up having a panic attack and collapsed twice, as you can imagine the next day I had full blown dp and felt high as fuck all day. Heading to bed now and debating what to do, do I keep to the upped side an not have the anxiety or do I stay on 25mg and have anxiety. I wish this dp would just go away!!!! It's such a soul destroying fucking illness. Sorry for the language just fed up of getting 10 steps better then 20 steps worst, it's like a daily battle.
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I just want to say that ive increased dose to 45mg mirtazapine and 50mg pregabalin twice a day 4 days hasnt taken away the derealization but my mood and anxiety have definitely improved to were im getting out of bed with energy.i can forget about the derealization for a longer period while im kept busy. I.e. instead of 5 mins of forgetting about it.i went 30 mins forgetting about it.
If i can manage the anxiety part of this then i really feel theres light at the end of the tunnel.whether that means living with derealization or being fully cured i dont care at the minute.
Im having small periods of happiness and thats a big and surprising change.
I havnt needed to take xanax yesterday either.
Sorry for the ling speal but basically saying medication does help.if not the disorder but the symptums of it.
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Also: What many don't understand is that SSRI's won't help you if:

1. Your Serotonin is low.

2. Your GABA is the problem.

3. Your Dopamine is the problem.

4. Your Thyroid is the problem.

5. Your Norepinephrine is the problem.

This is why you should check all these things before you start with SSRI's.
Any opinion on brintellix then?

Its brand new and doesnt come with a list of side effects.just a sheet stating i have to report any side effects i have.

It just says its an atypical antidepressant
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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