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Zinc Deficiency

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I visited some anxiety forums, and a lot of people blame anxiety on deficiency in zinc. If your nails have white spots on them and vertical lines then you got a zinc deficiency.
I started to take 50mgs of Zinc once a day with food. They also talk about iron and magnesium as a required minerals for the relaxed state of mind.
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This is something that really helps me, just in general. I drink two small bottles of boost a day. It has protein, carbs, and 26 vitamins and minerals. Its used in the hospital to give sick people energy, weight, and the nutrients it needs to heal. I feel better when I drink it, so I'm sure its giving my body something it needs. If you dont know exactly what your body is lacking, this kind of approach isnt bad.


PS- Other, more serious things can cause these white lines on your nail bed. Check with your doc if you have them.
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