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You've probably have seen this thread a thousand times already but here's another one

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Hello! I am a 20 y/o male suffering from dp/dr dont know which it is but its gotta be something, I had anxiety about my health and especially possibly being suffering from early dementia.

It all started on a fantastic trip on MDMA and Shrooms i didnt take them at the same time i spaced it out 2 weeks apart. I got home after the mdma and got my first panic attack at my bed and it was horrible didnt even knew what it was and immediately thought it was an heart attack. after that attack i've been probably suffering from GAD i think. i never went to the doctor and checked myself up. I always worry about something all the time, but anyways as time passed by i sat infront of my computer and just suddenly stared at the wall, it was like looking at something really weird, like unreal i didnt knew what it was kinda feeling, it was just a fucking wall with a light shining on it and boom i got a panic attack and now everything feels unreal and literally it feels like i dont remember anything about my home and family, it also feels like im cognitive declining which is awesome... This really helps me with my fear about dementia, i got slow thinking, its like i dont understand anything anymore. Its hard to take a shower, make food because i question everything like whats that doors meaning, to open and close? stuff like that, whats the meaning about an refrigerator? is it supposed to keep the food cold? questions like that. Its even hard typing this, im actually so afraid. Im always testing myself by going to the store and buying stuff without making a list, taking brain games and such, i feel so tired of this. and it feels like its getting worse each day. Also my decision making and judgment making is like zero, and all these are symptoms of early dementia.

But if its true i've got dp/dr then i hope its because of this and not early onset dementia. if it were that i dont even know what to do anymore, and since its 2 more days till christmas in norway here i dont want to upset my family about going to the doctors and diagnose myself with something this FUCKING HORRIBLE PIECE OF SHIT disease/disorder/no fucking idea what it is thingy, I hate drugs so fucking bad. but i still was smart enough to try it. as dumb as i was.

Anyways sorry for this unorganized and grammar error thread. i just cant write good enough as i did before.
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You had a fright and your mind's racing, looking for explanations. It's highly unlikely you have dementia! I would just try to focus on having a normal Christmas and take your mind of it as much as you can.
I really hope thats the case, cuz im literally frightened out of my mind.

Edit: Is it still normal to have emotions while u have an episode of dp/dr? Cuz i sure as hell am emotional. And is it normal to kinda not know where things are around the house kinda? i know where it is its just that everytime i go downstairs its always new kinda feeling

Yup this is dp alright it seems, or i dont know anymore, read about something having heart fast rate and my as dumb as i am checks my heart rate and it was beating quite fast. and got a mini panic attack, and then BAM, everything feels real again... this is fucking weird man. Well atleast i can live like this. if its just this and not dementia ill overcome this.
Another question, and this is the most frightening one, Sometiems i get a feeling of just i dont know what to do anymore like. I was going up to my room and my mind kinda went blank. it was so fucking scary.
I am so sorry for troubling you guys with all these questions but anyways here is another one.

I get these feelings like how did i do this? When i open an app and its like how did i use this app again? And i am so afraid this is dementia like symptoms. as one of the symptoms are forgetting how to use familiar electronics...
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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