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You Will Not Recover.

You Will Heal, over a long period of time. And you will relapse.

A lot of people have a few symptom free days and assume that they have recovered, or are in 'recovery'.

Then those same people have a bad depersonalized day and think their whole brain is malfunctioning, that they're getting worse, going schizophrenic, that their god is punishing them or doesn't care.

You will relapse. You will have bad days, bad weeks, while recovering. But you are healing.

Sometimes wounds get reinfected when you stop paying attention to them, and then you have to start over and think about what you neglected or did wrong for that wound to start hurting again.

Same goes for mental health. If you start to recover, and have a bad day, it's okay. Relapsing is natural. But if you keep relapsing, start taking closer notice as to why. Have you really been putting all your effort into warding off negative thoughts? Are you getting enough sleep? Have you truly been trying to force yourself to socialize?

All of the above will aid in the healing process.

There is not one big recovery in this. You will not wake up one day and be recovered.

Everyone heals at their own pace. But you will get better.

Patience and courage.

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Sep 07 2014 04:06 AM

You do recover, I am living proof of this. I have gone a month in a half with no dp/dr feeling.

Mine was triggered by marijuana so i could be different.

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Sep 09 2014 07:00 AM

You dont recover you face the things that happened in your life that pushed you to the point where your brain couldnt handle the pain anymore and wanted to cut you off from it and then your brain eases its way back to how it used to feel because it realize it doesnt need to protect you from the physic pain you suffered. What do you guys think?

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Sep 09 2014 07:01 AM

And i think the reason people get stuck in this is because there so used to ignoring there problems and ignoring there life so you have to re own it and deal with it. Make healthy relationships and face your traumas.

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Sep 10 2014 09:46 AM

so youre saying you will always be recovering but never recovered?

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Oct 22 2014 04:35 PM

nah she's saying.. that you are 'recovering' all the time, relapsing is normal within mental health, but you are in the process of healing at all times, you will never just miraculously recover, its like a dripping effect and everything will come together over a period of time regardless of consistent relapses - i think anyway

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Nov 19 2014 10:53 AM

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