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you need to solve original anxiety.

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you need to face all your fears and anxiety head on.

seriously, i have recovered from DP/DR...

but <---- that is a big but ( )0( )

you can really see that DP/DR is a defence mechanism when you don't have it,

things can seem out of control, more worrying thoughts, real stress, not emotionally numb, you can actually get rather angry at random things which i am not used to after being numb for quite long lol, all thing all these things. it is a crazy time aha.


REALITY is in your fuckin face... full on in your face, almost like it is saying ahah you feared unreality, think again unreality is a treat for you louis.

well unreality is a break from the stress and reality is a break from the symptoms.

hmmmmm a weird one..

another big but....there is no going back to dp/dr/unreality for me because i am simply not scared of it and that is what it runs off, but if by chance i do fall into my old thinking patterns, fuck it, i will know the causes and i also know that i can deal with it and it will be gone in maximum 2 months by simply not fearing fear and riding it out instead of being like OMG OMG OMG this is so scary o fuck dp/dr again OMFG OMG IVE RELAPSED life is shit o god why me...

ahahah none of that bullshit.

just keep fuckin walking.
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and my DP was triggered off by depression, so am having to get the depression treated hoping that will then make the DP back off.
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