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If anyone has those eye floaters, then this metaphor will make sense. If you don't have them, this is going to confuse the hell out of you, lol

You are trying to chase a floater and catch it everytime you insist on GRASPING the concept of how and why you feel the crazy and horrible things you feel in dp and dr states.

Just like staring at the little speck of cellular looking imagery in the corner of your eye, then slowly moving your eyes, carefully...controlled...trying to CATCH UP TO IT....and of course, it slides away faster than you can chase it.

it IS you, it IS part of your eye - "you" will never CATCH it because it moves WITH you.

The same precise thing is why you will never succeed in grasping the nature of the symptoms you are so obsessed with. You will come CLOSE - just like you come close to catching the floater. you will never get there, however.

The only way to "WIN" over floaters is to look PAST them. To try to see OTHER and eventually you fail to see the blocks.

That is PRECISELY how you have to deal with dp.

Instead, you are spending hours of every day, of every week of every month of every year....chasing what cannot be caught. And it makes the floaters MORE obvious. Then you say "i'm getting worse!" You're making yourself more and more focused on a game you cannot win.


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haha...i can actually catch them only long enough to see the detail of them...which looks like a string made up of lil balls...
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