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Only a year ago, I couldn't go outside for the smallest of walks.
I'm walking almost everyday, have lost 14 pounds and have just completed a job interview where I will have the opportunity to have another interview with the company I'm aiming to get an apprenticeship with, and since I did so well in the interview if this job doesn't pull through the agent said I'd be given an opportunity elsewhere!


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wow, this is a great proud of you. For people who doesn't experienend's so hard to understand.
I am also dealing with dpdr... last year after my pregnancy I felt like a total different person.
I am to hyperaware of every little
I locked myself up at home, didn't go out...not working, not going to the gym etc etc,..
Now thank God...I am doing all these things have to force yourself and against your brain right?
And even now...I am feeling it again...the fakeness etc...I am still doing those things because other wise it will be so hard....
Take care,
You are doing great!!!!
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