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I just booked an appointment to see a therapist!... So excited now, at last something might get done - I've got to pay, like ?1 a minute... ?65 per session... But I don't care, I've got a bit of money I work weekends while at college and earn quite a bit so I'm just glad someone is taking me seriously, even if it is for my money, the NHS doctor never has!!!!


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How often are you going?

I was paying ?40 a go once a week (?160 a month :eek:) but now I'm redundant I can't afford that. It's no where near as bad as I thought it would be, actually. Don't really feel much worse.

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Hi Rocksy,

You do come across as being very happy that you are finally making some movement forward. And that makes me feel happy for you. :D

Hoping things go very well and that you are able to obtain some valuable help in coping and recovering from this disorder.

Best Wishes!
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