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Yay - time for party!

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And I'll party almost alone now - only you there in the dpselfhelp forum with me today evening.

I've got two bottles of cider, good music in the cd player (first Finnish girl band Indica's Ikuinen virta, then Kitaro's Ancient, dunno which album I'd choose next), and cedar incense in the air. My boyfriend isn't home today, so I can listen to music all night long (well, not too long as I have to go to uni tomorrow, but that's OK) without the interference of TV (he is fond of TV news).

The reason for this small party: I got the grade 3 from the course of chemical pulping recently! And I didn't read enough for the exam and still got even 3 (the scale 1-5) - I RULE! And I had been so nervous about chemical pulping before, I was sure I'll never pass the exams regarding my minor subject. Now I finally got to realize that my anxiety toward this minor is useless. I can pass the exams, I can accomplish my studies, I can do it...

The feeling is just great! :D
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Thanks Terri and Ghost, I must say I feel so relieved cuz was able to pass that course. Now I know I can pass the other courses of chemical pulping technology too - and it feels so good... Maybe I really will get my studies finished in spring 2006? :D
gimpy34 said:
What is a 3? Is that a "C" grade. You Finns and your crazy numbers.
By the way, the scale is 1-3 in University of Helsinki and 1-5 at Helsinki University of Technology. Just had to tell you this, so I can make you even more confused... :wink:
ZiggomatiX said:
Haha, i know i won't. I'm doing the 5 year college plan.
Well, this is my 6th year at university - thus it would be most appreciated if I finished my studies as soon as possible... :oops: Just the courses regarding my minor subject and the Master's thesis are still undone, other school stuff is happily completed.
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