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Yay all those quotes found and done! (My comic)

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Oh yay, I just wanna say hooray about this thing - I have accomplished the skeleton of plots for 13 albums uniting my spare time scifi comic project. And what is the best at the moment - I have found the "prologue quotes" for every album now! :D Some are from thoughtful Finnish songs, one from Finnish writer Maria Vaara's novel Tulilintu and two from her poem book Miten her?tess? pit?? puhua, and the bulk from R. D. Laing's book The Politics of Experience and the Bird of Paradise. My scifi comic project is proceeding again, it is just a wonderful feeling! Today I'm gonna accomplish some character studies as well, cuz haven't been drawing for ages. I really hope some publisher would be interested in my comic tale in the future - but being able to show my tale to some hypothetical publisher it will take time about 5-6 years at least, maybe even more. I guess I would be glad if the whole project would be in that kind of condition, when I'll be having my 40th birthday for example. Let's see... At least it is such fun to create by-plots of individual characters and combine them into a larger picture of future, which I hope will never happen in real life - and wish the whole story would touch other people's feelings too, someday...
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I hadn't the slightest clue what you were talking about, but it sounded quite impressive.
So well done and good luck.
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