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Wth! I think the supplement gave me a reaction!!!

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I took the supplement called Calm G that my holistic doctor gave me and I am in serious Dp/dr attack mode!! I can't snap out of it. This is a nightmare! It deff didn't Calm anything! I don't know if I'm having a reaction or what
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I had a wierd reaction to the supplement called Focus Factor. The samme night I took it I had racing thoughts, adrenaline bursts, brain/ body zaps, sleep confusion, just over all felt like I was going insane! It happened both times I took it..
This is just horrible. Anything can trigger this hell. I ended emailed the holistic doctor and she told me that I probably got a reaction because of my weight and to try half the pill tomorrow but now I'm scared! This sucks. Losing hope here on recovering from Dp/dr nightmare
Some supplements are calming while others are activating. The ones you've been given did look on the activating side to me. They may well help in time, but I read an article by an amino acid therapist who said she first concentrated on supplements for calming their client down and helping them sleep before introducing more activating supplements.

You have spent a lot of money, so I guess you should give it a try, but based on your results I would personally start by taking l-glutamine to first raise dopamine and GABA levels - a reasonably priced brand off e-bay and not one that costs $40! That's just my 2 cents though.
Thank You. I'll look into that. I'm not even try half of what she gave me for now because I'm traumatized. This sucks. I can't even tell if I'm slowly getting better or just getting use to this hell on top of me. Some stuff are slowly fading. Like the existence thoughts and th hyper awareness but I mean VERY slowly and I still feel horrific and like I'm stuck in a bubble. Does this intense dream vision ever go away? It's horrific. I also cant even explain these weird attacks. Are they panic or not. I just don't get. I could be fine and all of a sudden I get this rush and my vision zooms and gets brury and all of a sudden I feel like my soul is leaving my body and I'm watching myself from up top and my body goes numb and I'm just a walking pair of eyes. And those send me right back to full Dp/dr symptoms. Which sucks because some haven't gone away at all. So yeah I don't know what those attacks are but I know that they have me VERY traumatized and in fear all day long for almost 6 months now. It's pure hell
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