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A friend of mine just told me to look up depersonalization and what little I've seen in the past half hour or so sounds like I wrote it. I didn't know it was a real thing, let alone such a big thing, I always thought that I was just such an extremely deep thinker and and too emotional to relate to anyone on earth. So yeah, yeah, I read that drugs can cause it, and I admit to being fond of psychoactives, but I've also had chronic deja vu all my life, since early childhood, and I've had the feelings before I even knew drugs existed. Although the deja vu has slowed down in adulthood. It used to drive me crazy growing up because it happened a dozen times a day or more, and it lessened over my adult years to the point where I might get a feeling of deja vu every few months or less. Anyway, I don't want to go into too much, I'm just anxious to learn more.

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I think we're gathering more and more every day.

You ever heard of those jokes where you say "I wonder if the whole world <whatever> at the same time"? Jumped up and down, or something stupid like that?

Now we have to wonder, what would happen to us all if we all - at the same time - doubted our existence :) Sounds like the making of another Douglas Adams-ish book.
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