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Would you have tried Lamictal if it was free?

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Would you have tried Lamictal if it was free?
Yes, for sure!770.00%
No, I wouldn't!330.00%
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Does any of them, any in the team, do private consultations? Such a letter would perhaps give me access to Lamotrigine.
No, there are in reality no "Depersonalisation research Unit"anymore. Their latest publication was in 2016 and likely written in 2015. Anthony David is at another university, so is E. Hunter, Nick Medford, M. Sierra. I asked them for a private consultation with a employed in 2004 and was told that they only took patient under the NHS scheme. You have to go to a psychiatrist to get such prescriptions. A normal GB would not give to most people. I was in correspondence with Nick Medford around that periode to ask him of the combinations they used and the dose of lamotrigine people responded in and it was in the range of but they had tried doses as high as I have tried

Lamotrigine was chosen because a trial found it could block the dissociative effect of ketamine in a trial done at Yale. Not, because it is antiepileptic. I think that trial cannot be replicated and that is why it don´t work in most. There are some very hyperactive areas in the brain in depersonalisation and it might reduce this activity in some. It could also be placebo though the placebo effect should be more reduced in depersonalisation compered with other groups.
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