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Would you have tried Lamictal if it was free?

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Would you have tried Lamictal if it was free?
Yes, for sure!770.00%
No, I wouldn't!330.00%
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I'm on 200 mg/day now, together with Clomipramine. Though it is sort of expensive (even in EU) research suggests Lamotrigine is a promising drug against obsessive thinking and intrusive thoughts, which is I think a primary reason DPDR (when it's secondary to anxiety/OCD that is) seems to be improved via this combination of meds.

Lamictal is supposed to work after about 6 weeks, my psychiatrist said, so it takes time.
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Much appreciated, Cedric! Much appreciated!

Out of the blue I got some OCD like symptoms a while back. Never had it before, but bang, there it was. So perhaps with Lamotrigine I could "feed two birds with one scone", so to say.
No problem, we're all here to get better and to help others get better.

Now, don't expect miracles. The effects of most drugs I tried have all been subtle (except Clomipramine which after 6 weeks had a huge effect for me) so sometimes it's hard to say what helps.

Still, these meds can be of help to make you not ruminate on the DPDR as much, which I think is the key to recovery for most of us.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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