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Would you have tried Lamictal if it was free?

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Would you have tried Lamictal if it was free?
Yes, for sure!770.00%
No, I wouldn't!330.00%
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If you had free access to Lamictal by your doctor, would you have wanted to try it? If yes, why, if no, why not.
In the British Journal of Psychiatry Sierra writes.

An initial study of lamotrigine monotherapy in four patients with primary depersonalisation found substantial benefits in all cases (Sierra et al, 2001), but a subsequent placebo-controlled cross-over study of nine patients found no significant benefits from the drug (Sierra et al, 2003). Nevertheless, our clinical experience suggests that lamotrigine does benefit some patients with primary depersonalisation, although this effect may be more reliable when the drug is given in conjunction with an SSRI (further details available from the authors on request).


When lamotrigine cannot be tolerated or is ineffective, clonazepam may be useful, although the usual caveats regarding prescription of benzodiazepines apply.

In the monotherapy study which they rebutted with their double blind study, but still believe in, it says:

" (...) subscale columns show assessment scores before lamotrigine was started and 1 month after the onset of treatment."

So although it may take time to exhaust the potential of Lamical, one could also get an effect rather soon after beginning treatment.

I have a lot of epilepsy in the family. Though I am not epileptic, it's still interesting to see that two epilepsy drugs are being used for depersonalization: Klonopin and Lamictal.

With Klonopin I guess any effect would come pretty instantaneously, whereas with Lamictal it would take time. But how much time, I dunno.
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So ...

Sierra and the others did the open study.

Sierra and the others did the double blind study.

Sierra and the others wrote the BJP article where it says "Nevertheless, our clinical experience suggests that lamotrigine does benefit some patients with primary depersonalisation"

And now they don't recommend it anymore, WreckingHotelRooms?
Thanks for sharing!

I am on modafinil, and it really gave me energy to focus. Lately I've been having more trouble concentrating, and I am not sure if it's due to daily modafinil and caffine use (low dose, but every day), or due to the fact that there has been extreme stress in my life lately.
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Low dose of both modafinil (prescribed two tablets a day, but I took 1/2 when waking up) and caffine (1 tbsp of regular coffee, 2 tbsp of decaf when waking up).

I am going to do one more day of naloxone, then that's done, and then klonopin next week, if I get a prescription.

I'll prolly do two full weeks without modafinil or caffine, just to see what happens.
I tried this, was recommended it by Sierra himself who write a letter to my GP. Considering he is a consultant Psychiatrist he saw me at short notice, for free, for 2 hours and wrote a letter to my GP recommending Lamotrigine, Escitalipram and modafinil.
Does any of them, any in the team, do private consultations? Such a letter would perhaps give me access to Lamotrigine.
Though it is sort of expensive (even in EU) research suggests Lamotrigine is a promising drug against obsessive thinking and intrusive thoughts, which is I think a primary reason DPDR (when it's secondary to anxiety/OCD that is) seems to be improved via this combination of meds.

Lamictal is supposed to work after about 6 weeks, my psychiatrist said, so it takes time.
Much appreciated, Cedric! Much appreciated!

Out of the blue I got some OCD like symptoms a while back. Never had it before, but bang, there it was. So perhaps with Lamotrigine I could "feed two birds with one scone", so to say.
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No problem, we're all here to get better and to help others get better.

My OCD like symptoms weren't related to DPDR in that way, they were rather political, and the only thing that has suppressed them so far is alimemazine, which does a half good job at it.
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