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Would you have tried Lamictal if it was free?

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Would you have tried Lamictal if it was free?
Yes, for sure!770.00%
No, I wouldn't!330.00%
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Tried both.

There is a good few threads on Lamotrigine you'd be best searching for, as many people have tried it. It doesn't seem to fair any better than anything else people have recovered with here. Having read i'd say most of the recovery stories, Time + AD that is working is top..add in a AS and i'd say that's the most common for treating symptoms.

"subsequent placebo-controlled cross-over study of nine patients found no significant benefits from the drug"...

yep sounds about right, that's from Kings College who people here have been to, search KCL, they don't even take this approach standardly anymore as far as I am aware, I remember because a member went and I thought they'd just be on the combo outlined in that trial (Clomipramine as the preferred AD and Lamotrigine).

These are free in the UK, I couldn't tolerate Lamotrigine. Know 4 others who have tried it and it wasn't the one for them either. Still open to it being helpful for some, as many recover using meds that can't pass a trial, some even get out using rather unique medications that work for them, eg someone recovered after many medications on a short course one of Adderall, which i've also tried, this for most DP people is the complete opposite to what they'd want, the more stimulation, the more anxiety.
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