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Would you describe DP/DR as the feeling of being drunk?

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Would you describe your DP/DR as the feeling of being (lightly) drunk?
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Hello everybody,

I would describe my DP as the feeling of being drunk and very dizzy, and every morning I wake up it is like I had a party last night with a few beers (similar to a hangover but without the typical hangover-headache).

Do not get me wrong: I do not feel as if I am so drunk I cannot walk anymore and have vertigo. It is more like the feeling of being squiffy, basically the feeling of dizziness that you get after a few beers.

Does anybody feel the same? I do not think I am not the only one.

I sometimes wonder if there is something in my body that is constantly poisoning my brain.

This is a simple "Yes" or "No"-question:

Would you describe your DP/DR as the feeling of being lightly drunk?

Greetings :)

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It does kind of feel that way to me. As if I've had a few beers and have walked all night to drink them, because I feel tired/weak legged in addition to the spaciness.
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Yes, feels like i'm ligthly drunk... not always but quite a lot.

Weird thing: when I drink alcohol now... it feels like i'm not getting drunk... while before DP... i got drunk after 1 glass.
I would say to some degree yes, it does feel like im drunk or high. This affects my vision, hearing,and thinking.
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If it were the same no one would ever drink, lol!
The only time I've experienced feeling "drunk" is when my blood sugar is low. Dizzy, clumsy, in a fog, difficulty concentrating.
No, being drunk is fun, DP sucks
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No, cause when i drink i feel less anxiety and can take the edge off lol.
So of, but only in the sense that I can't think clearly anymore.

I know this: if I were drunk I could calmly wait it out and feel better.

This doesn't seem to ever go away.
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Maybe sort of? I know when I am drunk the DP is ridiculously strong. I think that's wherevit came from, for me.
Drunk? Don't think I could compare it to that too much, maybe just the feeling of being less aware of certain things around me that are going on and responding to them.. It affects how I perceive everything for sure, but it's a dissociative condition. For me it feels very similar to a small dose of acid. I actually triggered it with acid, and I could also compare it to weed or MXE. I completely stopped taking dissociative drugs a long time ago, except a little weed once in a blue moon.
I get what your saying for sure but I would compare it more to a really bad weed high.
I get the dizzy drunk sort of feeling but without the good feelings. Instead it is the drunk feeling with the bad feelings. It is like everything is a blur and I am unaware of things and everything blurs past. With this drunk feeling I also feel detatched.
I'd describe it more as being high on weed but, the happy and relaxed feeling replaced with anxiety and fear.
I also tend to describe it as being high on cannibis. Sort of, but not really.
To me it seems like im high on weed without the happy feelings.
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