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I have had DP since the late eighties / early nineties.......Huge panic attack whilst high on weed brought it on.........Dolmatil took me from chronic incapacitation as a result of DP.....After a week on it I could function again and all the crazy fear I had was gone.....I have depression and anxiety as well as DP but Dolmatil keeps these at bay too....Ive never had any side effects from Dolmatil....Side effects are usually only seen when people are taking large doses...For DP and anxiety only a small dose is required...

Basically Dolmatil took away my chronic form of anxiety and DP and helped me get back to taking part in life again....I was basically locked in my bed squirming...I could barely get to the kitchen to make a cup of tea...After Dolmatil I was able to resume work, hobbies and sports again....It did not eliminate my DP totally but it took the overwhelming fear from the symptoms....As a result the symptoms stopped bothering me even though I still experienced some of them....

Do you have a blank mind?
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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