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Hey, sorry i do not have much to add to your story, it's the most common question here is Psychosis, but from what i gather you either really know about it or you don't even know you are psychotic. It's not a thought pattern or anxiety. So that one is out the way.

Reason no one is jumped on this, is everyone recovers differently. Some have been cured on medications that did not help me at all.

One thing i will say is every medication you try IMO give it 3 months and then judge. Just my way, based on how things have been for me.

Mirtazapine is a drug i'd try as i found it useful. I've made a list based on research, recovery stories and trials on my list in pretty much order, one or two won't be easy to get, i can only share some of the medications i've researched, that i read about most often working. I have just started Lamotrigine with no other drug, too early to tell as I am not up to dose.

Lamotrigine + Tricyclic Anti Depressant (Clomipramine) - Kings College recommend this*

Modafinil + Mirtazapine - Kings College also known to try this *


Ritalin - Read a few recovery stories and a good few improvement/worked in the moment stories

Naltrexone and/Or Suboxone -> some good trials, but if you are in the UK seems impossible to get (officially) * Russian study - pub med i think has it

Keppra - Wrote a report on this website search Keppra has cured DP you'll learn more * my report + evidence that i have

Clomipramine - Popular here, many add Anti Psychotic to the mix - Easy to get ish.

a lot of time is getting access to even try these medications, unfortunately, you can't say oh this worked for someone can i have this, unless you find a willing doctor, hard time find, the way past this, is get the studies, which a lot of these meds have (i'll mark a * on them for you) and ones that don't aren't the most out there ideas for any doctor, minus Ritalin/Addreal, i am finding it's very controlled.

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Don't be sorry friend, im just having some happy thoughts that you commented, really appreciate it!

Before i had dp/dr i was atleast kinda trying to do alot of personal development (when friends smoked weed they playd games and ate sweets) but i on the other hand used my "high time" to think about life, atleast way more than my friends. I felt as if i playd i'd waste the weed on potential time i could realize something benefical, hehe. So closely to when this happend i was very intrested in the mind/drugs/life etc. But i don't think im psychotic, but i do wonder alot since my ego is almost vanished..

Yeah, makes sense. It's diffrent for everyone! Okay 3 month, i guess that's a good rule to have, i havent tryed my medications for very long at all, longest one was for 1 month and 1 week, but when i only notice negative things after several weeks that really makes me think bad stuff about that medication, especially if my mind goes even blanker (while on it). Im also really scared to what the medications can do to you, especially ssri's that obviously in alot of cases turn off emotions, empathy etc etc, i want the opposite, i don't want more zombienezz into my life..

Okay, thanks alot for the big list, i will try to read up on all of them and come to my own conclusion on witch one of theese i want to tell my doctor i want to try, cheers for the time you put into making list! And thanks for giving tips on how to up your chanse to get what you want, (i mean with showing the studies to the doctor) <- that i can imagine would come in really handy if you want something! Sadly i havent gotten any diagnos yet, but im certain it's dp/dr but it's really hard to explain it, especially when i seem to know way more than the people im trying to explain it to. It's sad that there are no studies on ritalin/adderal, (that you have found atleast, same here). Seems to have worked for some as you said, but only "private people".

I will read your report on Keppra now. Keep up the good work!
Thanks, yeah depending on the med, anti depressants is at least 8 weeks for improvement, the doctor will tell you that themselves. so 1 month would have been to early to quit. When you hit about 3 months the side effects are usually gone and you can get an idea if it's time to quit or not. IMO.

Yeah, there are many things including a Kings College document explaining DP, sometimes it takes it. Maybe first though tell your doctor and see what they know. In my experience nothing, but you never know. Sometimes tackling it as Anxiety and Depression is as good as any.

Anyway side tracked, the reason I replied is what you said about anti psychotics. It's just means it's used for other things. Like say... Lamotrigine is an anti seizer drug but at lower levels is a mood stabiliser. Most any drug in the world has multi uses when it comes to head meds. If you are worried look up 'off label' it's a simple term for using a drug for something other than it's studied or main purpose as in this case. Probably the question i get messaged about most. Personally I couldn't care what category the medication belongs to, it's not a diagnoses.

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Personally I don't believe the month thing. I'll tell you why. Mirtazapine took 3 months for my ego/spaced out thing to get better, before that it was a living nightmare, when i started to benefit from it, the rest was fading. I am not on Mirtazapine as I had to come off medication to figure out why I go days without sleep (complex) but personally i'd advice you even 2 months, 1 month i've never seen much benefit from long acting medication, takes a while to build it up and with DP i think a lot of people will feel worse before better on anything that is messing with your levels. In the AD's cases. AP's act faster.

It's almost my gage for if something is gonna do something is if it starts making me worse at the start, sounds stupid but i think it's logically that if you play with what's causing it, till it finds a balance it's going to be worse.

I've read through that list i sent you and I really think that's my list on what i've tried. Personally I am reluctant to give you the Keppra link as you don't have the visuals, it will be very hard to get, not something you casually pop into the doctor and they give you and number 1 reason is from what i see... you haven't tried the obvious choices yet, i'll name two.

Try what eddy is saying, doubt you'll get that particular drug, I always get offered Olanzapine or Quietapine, but you don't know.

Also i'd try sticking out an AD well SNRI - Mirtazapine is what i'd push for

By the way sometimes you need to use trials to show your doctor, Mirtazapine is used for PTSD so just find that document on the internet and bingo, should get it.

So yeah, Mirtazapine + Olazanpine is a good combo i had it for 3 months and waiting to maybe go there again (once this sleep thing is figured out)

BUT, i'm not going to withhold you information

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Ouch with the headaches, I have them too at the moment but i think that might be the light problems you talk about in your case, I know how to make mine better, weirdly with salt and water (horrible) which fits into POTS.

I have a long list of medications based on a lot of research but it really depends how you respond to the usuals, which really are AD's and AS. With your sleep thing another reason to go on Mirtazapine, for the average person this puts them in a deep sleep, not sure what stage of sleep you reach / REM you get but they were not like a typical SSRI, mainly because it isn't, SNRI of the top of my head. I agree with you on the SSRI. Too tired myself to go into detail, but give that consideration. I had more emotion of Mirtazapine than anything (after 3 months) and not the artificial SSRI feeling.

Lamotrigine would be a good call before Keppra, although you do have visuals, not that bad on the scale, I know it must suck though. After Images is what I think you are explaining,

When you look at your laptop or phone in a dark room and look away do you see it for 0.5 seconds?

This might be placebo or me getting better but when my light was UNBEARABLE i took Lutein & Zeaxanthin supplement and it worked fast, it also is shown to in trials for light sensitivity.. placebo/worked who knows but i'd say try it for 3 months as I no longer have the brightness issue and I did before taking it. Also it's safe, comes from a tree, cheap and after 3 months you will know if it works.

My sleep thing is so complex it's not DP.

So far we think it's Adrenal Fatigue, Adrenaline, Cushing's or POTS, I have an MRI coming up and loads of things.

To summarise it for you as the list is an A4 page since this thing kicked in,



Dilated Pupils

Don't sleep for days, currently on 2 days without even going to bed (stayed up 10 once) when I do sleep it's very short, 4 hours and not deep, lots of tossing and turning and that's with medications (that i get every so often for a week, won't give me anything as they do not know what it is and a lot of drugs here fall under NICE guidelines so you need a condition and specialist for say sleeping tablets, diazepam's)

Never feel tired or sleepy, like my brain is on fire.


List really could go on, but i've been to many people lately and it's not anxiety causing this, it's secondary. The fact is I had DP ages before this and was fine, i wouldn't base your sleep on me, however i would advice hormone's as they can sure keep you up, if you can go on very little sleep, something is driving it and it's not always in your head.. something like Adrenaline is probably far stronger than say Serotonin to pluck something out of the air.

Also one thing to note is tablets don't change my state, i've tried a lot in this mode/state.. Diazepam's, Zoplicones, Clonazepam, Amitriptyline, Tramadol, Mirtazapine, Lithium, Olanzapine anything you'd expect to take the wired feeling out, for ages they thought it was Bipolar 2, now they are changing their minds as if it was moods, Lithium would have done something, weirdly i've been on it months in range and it suppose to work after 10 days in range and i have not felt anything, really can't understand why this is a 'wonder' drug, does nothing to me...
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