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My depersonalization started for me back at the end of Jan of this year. I was starting to get better and better as the months went by but it's been really bad again lately. I have a few stressful life events coming up soon so could this be the trigger?

I have 2 and half week trip planned in a different country, and I have a big wedding coming up. I'll also have to throw a bachelor party which is stressing me out. My Dp is pretty intense now but will it subside once all these events and stresses are done with? I would love to hear from anyone who has gone thru similar stresses and want to know what you did to help deal with them.


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From reading here it seems we all have different triggers:
- weed
- out of nowhere
- stress

My contributing triggers were:
Living away from home
Dietary restriction of carbohydrates
Mental stress

Iv had dp before without stress. This year my dp WAS partly because of stress.

Yes you will recover with or without the stress as long as:
You find emotional support.
Continue to live ur life like you dont have dp.
Indulge in relationships
Most importantly live a healthy life w a healthy diet to have a stronger mind.

After my first dp, i graduated college, got a masters degree, excelled in internship and work... no your life is not over because of dp. Goodluck.

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I think I've been in a similar situation. I handled it badly so I think I can tell you what not to do! How, if I could go back, I would do things differently. I had a big family wedding I had to attend which involved all my major triggers - family, formal social event, travelling etc - and I spent a whole year worrying about it. At that time I would consider the day wasted if I hadn't spent hours self-analyzing - searching inside myself constantly for issues and fears, trying to find the key or switch to turning off my anxiety. All I was really doing was tormenting myself, exhausting my mind and reinforcing a negative state. The day came and went and I actually coped just fine, but the very next day it was like it all caught up with me at once and I had a complete meltdown.

My advice would be to be pragmatic with arrangements you need to attend to, but forget about it the rest of the time. Manage your stress levels well. Take time out everyday to unwind and relax. Don't think too far ahead. Have a "whatever happens, happens" attitude. Don't worry about it. If you think about these events at all, only try to look forward to them as something you'll enjoy. Besides, when it comes to big events, if things do go wrong it only makes for a good story!
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