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Is anyone willing to discuss their experience over Skype or something? That may make it worse but I've been falling into these states of not knowing if I was there and feeling like I didn't exist since i was eight. It was only once and a while through most of my life but happens to me many times throughout the day, now... One of my friends has felt the sensation a couple of times but it isn't enough to be the disorder. If it would help anyone, I'd really like to talk face to face to know that someone else has this (preferably someone who has had it for a while, at least a year) because it would remind me that I'm not alone. Let me know if anyone else would find this helpful...

Many of our members Skype and find it helpful, message the member who liked this post, I know he's an avid skyper. It can be therapeutic to talk face to face so to speak .
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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