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Would anyone else describe their dpdr this way?

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I've had dpdr for 5 years now. The way that I always describe my dpdr to physicians/psychiatrists and others is that it feels as if I always have a fever of 101. Not in the physical sense, but in the way you feel extremely strange cognitively or mentally when you have an elevated temperature. Would anyone else describe their dpdr in this way or can relate to this?

Additionally, this entire time I have been dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Does anyone else experience this and is there a possible connection between the two?
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No, I wouldn't describe my dpdr like having fever. But I feel chronic fatigue and strongly believe there is connection between them.
I have generally had the worst bouts of fatigue during the day ever since I got this. I too believe there is a connection - when you're falling asleep you experience hypnagogic hallucinations (You may not notice it). And lots of people including myself complain of a chatty mind that never shuts up, sort of like what it's like to be hypnagogic. Random spazzy thoughts that make no sense will flood your mind, music too. On the days where my DP is light and almost cured, I am probably the most awake I've been in months. Thanks for bringing this up.
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