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oh my god. and i thought over the last few years it was getting better. now it's getting worse. help me guys, what do i do? i know i've been talking to some of you who have been of wonderful help...i need support here..please...thank you. :cry:
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Hey Person3,
To have a set back means u have come forward in getting well. I have never found getting well from this linier or strait forward. It has been steps forward and steps back and steps sideways!! There is just something else to learn. Dont have expectations on how u r ment to be. Where ur ment to be with getting well. U are where u are. u will find ur way back on track again. U r a very smart, insightfull and strong person and i can say that alot of ur posts helped me immensily! That mind will help u get back on track:)
Take care
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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