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Worry about the mental health tag?

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I have become worried about the “mental health” tag so to speak. People talk about people with issues and say it’s mental health for various issues they use this term. I worry with my anxiety I am just a guy batting “mental health” because I feel anxiety daily does this mean I am in poor mental health? Will I ever feel well? I mean there is stuff I want to do but my anxiety stops me and lately the term “mental health pops up” for me again. It seems such a broad term as it can mean people in bad mental health yet anxiety may be less severe. Some people don’t see anxiety quite as mental health can anybody reassure me?
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It used to bother me. Mental health can be impaired for a variety of reasons: prolonged stress, family problems, personal grief, even a head injury can lead to these kinds of problems. They manifest themselves in different ways - from simple low self-esteem and long periods of bad moods to neurosis and even mental illness. I've come across this recently, going to Authentic ayurveda consultations platform as an alternative treatment. Didn't want to go to hospital, it's easier now. Has anyone used any of these wellness destinations, by the way?
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