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I have been on the road to recovery for the past two months, but I seem to have a major setback when I worry. I often find myself falling into a hole of anxiety, worrying about depersonalization, worrying about recovery, worrying about depression, worrying about relationships, worrying about worrying, etc. I believe that my dp is linked closely to anxiety and often depression, and I can live my life as a perfectly stable, happy, concious person without the burden of depression and anxiety, dp or not.

I really need help in staying above the anxieties that drag me down. I am 50% recovered, and my greatest barrier is the stress that I feel toward my mental health and other areas of my life. Does anybody have any tips as to how I can avoid falling into a void of anxiety?

Please none of this fucking negativity that I see everywhere in this forum, I have seen the light and I can tell you that negativity is the only thing to fear.

I agree there is negativity and that's the worst thing for anxiety, my advice as hard as it may be is to to take some time doing things you enjoy, keep your mind focused. Our brains work differently, they are on the go non stop and as soon as that worry kicks in, it has a snowball affect and you can't pull yourself out of it. What do you like to do for fun? I would suggest scheduling daily activities, keeping yourself occupied has always been the best way to get the best of DP/DR. Please keep us posted on your recovery.
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