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Today at work my boss asked me to get these carts to put stuff on and I had no idea what she was talking about so when she asked if I did I replied honestly, "Uhhh no?" sounds like I couldn't give less of a fuck about anything, I guess. I honestly don't monitor how I act in social situations much anymore. I only think in general terms: I came off really weird or I came off relatively normal. This time I decided, relatively normal.

I strolled back to resume my job and one of my coworkers came up to me and said, "That was so fucking hilarious, I almost burst out laughing... the way you talked to her... 'uhhh, no...' ......[hahahaha]"

I just looked at this girl, gave a very confused smile and walked away.

Same girl also came up to me and asked, "Hey where's Quasi modo?" [reference to boss] I look at her like she is an alien and start overfocusing on the fact that she draws on her eyebrows. I ask her to repeat herself approximately 6 times before I force a laugh out of sympathy to her. It was probably more similar to a grunt.

It's really weird, I can see in other people what is normal and what is not - though I honestly couldn't care less myself... but for the life of me I couldn't give off the impression of being normal. Which I honestly don't even care about anymore. I guess it's kind of the same idea as knowing someone is a good actor but not being able to act yourself. Life is acting, most of the time, for me.

So this wasn't particularily engaging or anything,
just an ordinary day in my life.
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