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Words of wisdom/help?

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I feel like people ask this all the time, or want reassurance, but I need it now. I have been thinking too much again about the idea that i'm going crazy or something somehow BEYOND crazy where I"m completely sane but with crazy thoughts or the worst feel in the world, although that's what I get now. Is it the panic feeling, that sometimes i just feel like there is no escape from anything, my mind and body get warm, and I feel like i need to run somewhere, run away somewhere, even though I know that there is no where to go really. I KNOW that this problem is doubled by thinking about it, but i just can't stop thinking about it. I think i have some feeling that there is something that if i think about too much, i will go crazy, crack, go insane. Or I will disappear. I just feel so empty and so forsaken and like everything is completely pointless now...i don't have any happiness, really. i'm constantly worried about how i'm going to feel or what I'm going to feel. Sigh. Thanks for listening to me rant again guys
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so how do we go about actually changing our behavior, to make it not so "childish" as you say

i don't think it's lack of education, it's like getting lost on a big trippy ferris wheel, and everyone got off when the horn sounded except you.


anyway i feel we need to look for solutions and we need to do it collectively. that's why i said be specific as to what can help, instead us keep "giving our sympathies" which are i mean great but the fact is this is not just a disease, it's totally fucking nuts okay? like everyone one else has a personality EXCEPT you. great now what i am i gonna do, conjure up a new one out of thing air? after all these years?
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