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Going through this forum, I noticed that a lot of people

are not only terrified and depressed, but have lost

their hope. One of the most important things to have.

Don't get me wrong, my faith has been extremely

tested and shaken; But, I'm still holding on and

fighting off the negative let downs.

I wanted to make this post to throw out some

positive points that will hopefully lift people

up; Even slightly.


- DR/DP is the end of the road. Once you hit the lowest

of the lowest, it's the end! It doesn't go any deeper then

DR/DP. You can only go uphill from here, don't forget that.

-You've made it this far. Even when you think you're going to

lose control or that you just can't handle this, time is still

going to move on and you're still going to breathe.

Life moves on and you need to decide to move on with it.

-DR/DP is a sign of a healthy mind. Your brain is just trying

to protect you from potential danger that it perceives. It just

doesn't realize that it's making you flip a lid.

-Your obsessive and intrusive philosophical thoughts

are only occurring because of your DR/DP. They are only

thoughts. Do not give them any weight or meaning, it's

just another amount of the percentage of bullshit that enters

your mind everyday.

(I struggle with this the most).

-You're thoughts came out because you felt unreal.

When you felt real, you may have questioned your

existence, but they never bothered you because you

were assure of your being. Now the thoughts worry you,

because you feel unreal. So, focus on ridding the

DR/DP - This will cancel all of the weight of your

intrusive thoughts.

- All you have is the present. Focus on it.

When you don't feel real or you're having a crazy

panic attack, think to yourself, "This and these thoughts

are occurring in the present." You are in the here and now.

- Lastly, your DR/DP sucks.

I know.

But, remember, it doesn't hinder you from getting up

and enjoying your life. You can still move your arms

and legs, no matter how much they feel alien. Go do

what you love, it's all a matter of rewriting your

thinking pattern.

These are just a couple of things that have on and off

helped me. I really just wanted to throw them out there

to maybe give people a little bit of motivation. Whether

you guys' reply or not, I wish everyone the best

with their recoveries and I hoped this helped even

a little bit.
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