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Who says or determines if a person is psychotic ? Does it mean that if someone has thoughts that differ from 90% of the people ,a person is "psychotic" ? How many people people in the past believed that the earth was flat ? Where they called psychotic ? No ,but if 90% believed that the earth was round and 10% of the people back then believed it was flat ,were the 10% psychotic ?

I think it is sometimes the medical field that really makes people sick.I mean look at the human body ,what does science know about the human body ? While it seems that science knows a lot ,it is like 5% of the whole picture.

Why limit the human mind then ? Do we know where the human psyche has a border/limit ? This thinking even starts in the young ages in school ,when someone is different ,he/she is called a psycho.

Physics ,or better quantum physics ,is slowly realizing that the matter of the world (particles) are actually unlimited waves of probabilities ,and what we see or experience is not limited to what we experience.If science still hasnt discovered 95% of what the world is made of ,why be so fast and limit the human mind ?

I dont believe that being "psychotic" is a disease of the mind.I believe that the mind just thinks or opens up to different ways of thinking based on what the body is releasing at a given time.Why do they underestimate how the mind shifts to different reactions when the body is releasing certain chemicals that cause anxiety ? I think that calling people psychotic is the best way to make them suffer longer.

Instead of just trying to look into a range of medications ,governments should find ways to remove mobbing/bullying from schools.How come a young child in school is so good at being able to destroy another childs self esteem ?

When I was in school ,we had a group of about 6 girls who just mentally destroyed another girls who kept to themselves ,yet I have never seen in all those years just one teacher seriously talking to the parents of the girls.Mobbing in childhood ages has a very profound effect on an adult later in life.A grown up person might not realize the harm that has been done until they suddenly feel that everything has hit them in one moment.

Look for example at former boxer Mike Tyson ,while there are so many people that hate him ,they never took a moment to think about why that Guy was so "bad" later in late.Tyson has done many interviews and he talked about how mobbing during his childhood just killed him from the inside.He is actually a very sensitive human being ,but the mobbing in his childhood just killed him from the inside ,still till now he talks about how being bullied as child is like a terminal disease ,you can't forget it.Yet you will still find many people calling him a psycho without knowing the background of his life.He was very successful in his career ,made lots of money ,had whatever he wanted to have ,but still he was haunted all the time by what he has gone through as a child.

There is a well known dutch scientist who says that "Schizophrenia" does not exist as a disease by itself ,and he says that calling people schizophrenic is like putting a label on their head which says "cannot be cured".

If you would go to an inexperienced doctor and you would tell him about your DP symptoms ,and he says hmm I think it is psychosis ,would it make you scared and you would start obsessing about how "psychotic" you are ? your OCD will become unbearable ,your senses will be on high alert ,you anxiety will rise etc....

Because they cant locate or look inside the "mind" they should not use words as if they have opened your stomach and found your mind inside with a scar and said ahh there it is ,there is a tumor (psychosis) on your mind which is growing.

Do we even know that the mind is a self contained part that is seperate or is it something that involves the whole body ?

Thats why I think that most medications dont work ,science tries to narrow down most of the things to a single unit.Why should the mind be different that than the physical world ? They say that the universe is so fine tuned that 0.000001 shifts can destroy it.

How can they be so sure about things they have little knowledge of ,to determine whether a person is psychotic or not and that the only reason is the mind ?
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