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A few words from a long-term sufferer (Long term in my books)
I started getting DP in 1999, now it's 2005, eternity...

DP is a "funny" thing, well I wouldn't call it funny, but strange, I mean I don't even know what reality is, how come have we become so scared of losing reality when most of us probably couldn't give an objective answer to what reality is? I feel that I am not scared of "losing reality" but rather losing the "security" of a world that seems familiar to me? does anyone feel the same?

Much lately I have been trying to turn DP upside down, is it possible to be a friend of DP? After all DP is ONLY A PERSCEPTION, NOT AN EMOTION OR A STATE OF MIND, realistically isn't the difference between "reality" and "unreality" a pesception? Try and think of it like this, If I can learn to accept someone elses opinion (persception) on an issue, can't a learn to accept unreality since it is only another perseption of this world?

So If I can accept this unreality.. which is really only another persception of this world (reality being another persception?) can I feel a little bit safer.

If I commit the ultimate paradox and let the dp/dissociation become part of me, if I embrace it, can it help me to eliminate it?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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