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Woke up and feel terrible

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Hi everyone
I'm feeling really confused ive just woken up and the dr or do i cant tell is really bad.
I feel like I've woken up as a brand new person , like complete different person .
Everything feels really extreamy dark and strange unfamiliar in a way .
Wtf why is this so i just woke up from a 8 hour sleep , like normal i sleep well .
Why would I wake up like this now im so anxious i feel like im on the edge of going insane this is bullshit.
I know everyone in here has dr dp , but why on earth would I have my normal low dp dr and out of the blue just wakeup this bad all of a sudden ?
Hormones? Brain chemicals? Should I go to a doctor to have tests ?
Aggggggggg if im gonna go insane happen already im over not being in control of how I'm gonna feel.
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Hi hoping cat
Oh it's crap i just got back from a long powerwalk,I feel better then when i 1st woke up its still there but a bit better .

I'm not on any meds im really sensitive to medications, so that scares me of taking anything .
I'm confused because the anxiety i have is always the same its not like it was worse this morning.
Who knows i feel like screaming sometimes because like everyone one here , it's so bloody annoying not having any idea how to fix this or stop it from getting worse , it really does feel like the brain has given up on me and I'm stuck here confused and alone plus really terrified .
That's terrible that you just got this out of no were sorry about that.
I at least had a massive trigger from severe ocd and have had this ever since.
I always have dp chroinc but it becomes mild at times and i only get dr when i get angry or anxious which is daily .

I saw a psychiatrist back in March last year and he said all the dp dr are from anxiety ocd that i had and still have.
He said get rid of the anxiety and all this will go .
I have been on luvox years ago when i had severe flare in ocd i was on a high dose of 300mg and within 1 week my ocd was gone , but after a few months I started having very bad side effects so i lowered the dose but still didmt cope well .
I'm scared of meds its a ocd thing were i will go into a major panic after ive taken a med .
So gets very difficult for me as i have many ocd thoughts and fears .

What did the Dr say to you as to why this started out of no were for you ?
And yes we have talked before lol i fully get the bad memory thing im the same
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The thing that gets me the most about this for me is ive had panic disorder ocd health anxiety since 15 major .
And I've never gotten chroinc dr dp from anxiety in the past only once for 2 weeks.
Ever since this started any small anxiety like physical symptoms of anxiety or anxious thoughts will send the Dr and dp into over drive , very very tiny amounts of any type of negative emotions will trigger it bad , it baffles me as ive had anxiety well over half my life .
Why now why does it affect me so bad now ...
No dr can anwser other then once a person uses dissociation as a defense mechanism they will in the future continue to use dissociation in any type of stresses small or large . So I'm fucked cause how do i after 17 years of anxious thinking just change
Ptsd will def cause dissociation
I've been diagnosed with complex trauma with bpd traits but not official bpd .

Maybe your anxiety was affecting you more then you thought ?
Ptsd is horrible are you in therapy for that ?
I've had therapy but can't afford it at the moment
They say ptsd is from severe trauma like rape or war that type of trauma .
But I believe that anything can be considered a trauma if you are horrified or terrified by it .
If you consider what happened to you as a major threat to your life then i think that its absoulty trauma.
I experienced what i precive as traumatic severe ocd back in November 2015 , i was threatened with hospitalization involuntary because i wouldn't take the medications i was prescribed to calm me down. As i mentioned before one of my OCD fears is meds so it was extremely hard for me to take meds .
Anyway i was very sick and honest it was absolutely terrible at the time.
That event is what started off my dr dp i was so traumatized by what i went though over those 2 months that i developed dissociation.
So i think if you were so scared and horrified by what happened to you that night , then yes its consided traumatic to you and only you felt it .
Sorry raving on lol
I think she maybe right
I believe if your terrified for your life then of course its traumatic, it might not fall in the normal category for ptsd trauma but who is someone to tell you that what you experenced was not trauma!

I guess we need to get over what we have gone though but i just dont no how because im still afraid of it happening again .
How do i not care if it was to happen again .
Don't think I can get over it .
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