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Hi Guys
Long time no speak huh? I have been doing very well with just getting back into enjoy life & not analysing it & so haven't felt the need to come to the board.

I just wanted your opinions guys. I am down to 12.5mg of luvox (1/4 of a tablet) & have 11 quarters left. Should I just keep taking till I'm finished or take the quarters every second day?

I didn't want to go back & see the doctor cause his answer was "if you feel funny than go back on it again" Hell! I'll never come off these damn pills!

So please let me know what you guys think. I am already having effects after being on 1/4 for 20 days. I just have to keep reminding myself that it is my brain trying to rebalance.
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Well Charger, it looks like we may be on the same page though we are coming off different drugs. I started withdrawal in September. When I got down to 1/4, after a few weeks of doing it, I then started to shave off part of the 1/4 and did that for another 2 weeks. Some had said to then go to that dosage every other day. I just quit. I have no idea if that was a good move or not. After about 3 weeks I am feeling more symptoms as the drug continually leaves my system. Here is what some other people thought about withdrawing. I gotta agree with them at this point.

Lexapro withdrawal symptoms
"I thought I might have some disease or something. When I read the withdrawal symptoms I was somewhat relieved in a sense that now I know what's wrong.

"It feels horrible...

it is sort of an unreal feeling in my head and body.

I feel dizzy and my brain feels like it's bloated.

Noises louder than normal are extremely painful and bright light is very offensive.

My face was actually red like a sun burn and bloated for over a week.

I feel like I have a low tolerance for anything I have to concentrate on for very long; my brain actually feels tired.

I feel exhausted and have had the chills, and hot like flashes.
"I am very determined to get beyond this and feel normal again. I just read your notes and was happy to find out I guess this is normal for withdrawl when you've been taking lexapro. I am glad to know this.

"I can't wait for this to be over."

(From a writer who asked to remain anonymous, who's going through lexapro withdrawal.)

If you or someone you know is going through withdrawal from lexapro, you may wish to read the paxil withdrawal page.

Please note that paxil withdrawal can be much worse than lexapro withdrawal!

Happy, Happy, Happy.

Oh yeah, I agree - you're doctor sucks.

So here's my thought...It's gonna suck from this point till it all gets out of our systems.

Mental illness, drugs, shrinks...ain't life grand?
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