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Withdrawal and stress

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Hello , ive been reading this site for a couple daysb, knowing its not goot to lurk in it but ive been so distressed sorry if my spelling is bad im not a native english speaker, i started developing dp after xanax withdrawals , this is ny third withdrawal and the most intense of them i wss only taking . 5 for two months , i started having one night very intrusive thoughts about death, and the next morning i started to feel very weird like i was only my head , and when someone wss talking to me i felt like inside a hole , i still feel all this horrible sensations, but i feel very anxious and My mind has crazy anxious thoughts, its bern a month since stopping the xsnsx and 3 weeks of dp , i have slot of strees in my house and ive had a very bad fight with my mother and brother wich serm to make my anxiety and dp worse , im very scared im permanently damaging my nerveous system , it all feels so overwhelmeing and its so so hard to find someone to tall with , i have alot of bad thought telling me im not going to make it , im going to die , and they are very loud , i dont want to act on them but this feeling id just so confusing makes me doubt everything and makes me feel so isolated and alone so trwpped in myself , can anyone give me some comforting words or relate, i feel so lost snd scared eith this withdrawal
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