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Wishing you a Good Night, Martin

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"Night now."
Mrs.Kasco stands in the half-open doorway, holding her empty wineglass.
"You're all right?" she calls.
"I'm all right, all right. Right as rain. Right as night."
She raise her glass in salute.
He raises an imaginary glass.
"To the night!"
"I'll drink to that."
She drinks.

It was a damn good book wasn't it, Martin?

Have a safe night. I'm glad your day ended on a positive note.

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I have to find this book. But I keep postponning it :-/
It's called "Enchanted Night".

I am not sure what's the subject, but Martin, Janine, and Terri suggested it.

And it's small (in page-count).
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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