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Will I lose my greatest gift?

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It's hard to discern where you and this ailment begin and end, but one thing it has taught me, and I hope I take with me is my humanity.

The endless analyses of social situations, human interaction has shown me how little others can empathize with others. I suppose living like your perception is dug deep inside your skull, viewing the crazy mundane situations others get themselves into, petty squabbles and power games others play become a minor distraction, but ultimately enlightening.

Being a support worker for adults with learning difficulties, you get to see where most problems come from. Staff.

They fail to empathize, view others conditions outside their own personal experience. Their worn drama creates friction which rocks the house of cards.

We are different, we pierce so many layers of delusion, everything is clear.

It makes me wonder, what will I take with me after this prolonged life trip?. Will my humanity, empathy and insight remain?, or will I become blind like so many others.

I write this because these are my last months of DPD. I will return to reality and all I know will fade away.....
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