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Will have my first brain MRI scan

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In two days ,I had OCD since I was a child ,depression all the time ,mood swings on daily basis.
Recently started to have brain zaps followed by ringing in my ears.
I hope they wont accidentally find something that says tumour.
Last years I checked my adrenal hormones ,DHEAS was always high above the range ,nevet changing ,a young inexperienced endocrinologist told me it might be adrenal cancer ,a type of cancer that kills very fast.Turned out that those were my natural levels.
After this brain scan ,i will stay away from doctors for a long time.
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That's great to hear, I've been trying to get one myself for nearly a year now, but I keep talking myself out of asking for one. I also fear i'ts a brain tumor. If it makes you feel any better most people that have DP and DR that get MRI scans usually comes back clear. I only heard of one case where a woman (forgot her name) have a brain tumor after getting DP and DR and died a few months later.

She wrote a book on DP and DR, she was very spiritual and she thought that dp and dr was "enlightenment" But this should put your mind to ease after you get your MRi and they rule out something physical, then you can focus on the mental aspects of it.

Good luck keep us posted! :)
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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