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Will antibiotics make my DP worse or possibly cure it ?

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Hello folks,

I have been suffering depersonalisation/brain fog since August of last year.

Before hand since 2013 I had been suffering from stomach issues for no particular reason. I went to the doctor a few times in 2014 but they couldn't find a cause.

Last August I woke up to a screaming headache and once it subsided I have been in a constant depersonalisation state since. I knew there was a connection to my stomach as I had been suffering from stomach issues before all this started. I went in and out to my doctors doing blood tests, having my stomach checked for with an ultrasound for possible gall stones and a chest x-ray but nothing came up. My doctor then suggested I do a breath test last week for h pylori which came up as positive.

I am now waiting to get my prescription to eradicate it which involves antibiotics and proton pump inhibitors.

This was great news at first as I thought if I get rid of my h pylori then maybe my brain fog/ depersonalisation would go away too but I have been reading on other forums that some people believe antibiotics to be the cause of thier DP.

Anyone got any suggestions on this?

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