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Hey guys, I'm new here. And looking for some advice/help. My wife has had dp/dr twice in the past. 1 time for about a year and 1 time for a few weeks. About 7 months ago she got it again and was very depressed. Basically, she came off her medicine because we were trying to get pregnant. Well we did and at about 20 weeks pregnant she went downhill fast and developed the DR again along with severe depression and anxiety basically making her bed ridden. We got her back on meds and FINALLY 2 months post partum she is not depressed and anxiety ridden. Unfortunately she still has the visual distortion effects of Derealization which she hates the most and she is terrified that it won't ever go away.

Any advice on how to help her cope? I tell her all the time that it will go away but that seems to just upset her more because I can't really "prove" it.

Any advice or stories that will help her see that the vision part will soon go away as well would be greatly appreciated!!

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Belief is powerful medicine, but I wouldn't endlessly read recovery stories and remind her of DP/DR every day, sounds like she already knows the medication she responds to and often that, lowering anxiety and distraction is the best thing.

The thing is, she has beat it not once but twice.. logic says when the anxiety goes, the DR will fade like it has in the past, i'd just spin it that way, anxiety is making her doubt it will happen again, keeping DR there, but i know how that feels, DR is not nice, fortunately the few times i've woken up DR (still have DP) w i've got rid of it pretty quickly, but it's not easy as it's starring you in the face, i mean it's everything you see.

Think the best thing is things to look forward to/distraction/time
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