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Wierd feelings, concentration, negative thinking

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I think I'm somehow slipping back into a DP hole. But it's strange, all the anxiety symptoms wich I had like body aches, raising heartbeath enz (you probarbly know them all :) ) are not there. Just DP and nothing else. No sign of anxiety or depression, just DP. This might be due to the paxil i'm on.
Also my concentration is still pretty good, All the time I think I can't do anything like read something or study for school but still I'm one of the best students of my class! It's so wierd.
anyone with concentration problems could benefit from what i'm taking daily:
900mg Omega3
240mg Ginkgo Biloba

these supps are proven to increase concentration and it looks like it's working for me

But back to the point: My DP is comming back but I feel no anxiety symptoms and I seem to function properly in my daily activities, how can I get rid of this wierd DP? and what kind of thing is it anyway?!

I'm afraid to stop paxil since I think my anxiety will come back to
What can I do to get back on track (afterall I was making progress!)
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