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Ive been on here a while so i know everyone or at least most on here have problems with sleeping. But im wondering if anyones felt this.

Ok so, you know how dreaming is usually just random images and scenes that can be metaphores and all that?

Sometimes, particularly when im feeling very wired and trying to relax to sleep too fast, these happen. I am so tired, its like im instantly in rem sleep as soon as my eyes are closed because i start feeling myself becoming more and more aware of my consciousness slowing down and start seeing images like im dreaming already. These images are like metaphores for how ive been feeling i guess? Heres an example. I was feeling almost restricted as i closed my eyes and i knew as soon as i sleep, this anxiety will be easier in the morning. Then i started like dreaming of this thing as soon as my eyes were comfortably closed and it was this thing that resembled a ribbon or snake or whatever and it was all around her, getting closer and tighter around me and appearently it was the reason i was feeling so restricted but i was still wide awake so i opened my eyes wondering why i felt that so vividly even tho i hadnt fully gone to sleep. I basically came up with a random image to put a face on the feeling i was feeling as i closed my eyes and it was involuntary. This happens often with various thoughts, memories and emotions before i fall asleep.

Anyone else experiance themselves falling asleep but not fully like that? Its quite disturbing because i feel myself falling out of consciousness when i shouldnt since sleep is suppose to be a thing you dont know is happening while its happening.
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