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wierd..anyone experience this.

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im 16 i think ive had dp or dr since not really sure..its gotten alot better the last couple of months, and i noticed that i feel soo much better and much more in touch with reality when i get more sleep. but the past 2 weeks ive been getting these awful headaches that increase during the day and i get really fatigued to the point where last period of school day i feel like im going to pass out...but thankfully making it home and falling asleep. throughout the day i find myself walking class to class feeling like my legs arent mine or i cant really feel them..i can feel them like they arent numb but somehow they dont feel like I am moving them so i start to panic but i can usually calm myself down and continue walking to class with this weird sensation...same thing at home i start moving my arms and legs to see if IM really moving them or if they are even real its kind of scary...anyone else experience somthin like this?
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I had severe chronic headaches all the way up through my 30's (had to take ibuprofen on a preventative basis). Was always fatigued. I don't know if they were/are actually DP related or not (came down with the latter full time at your age).

Have you been to a doctor? If the headaches (as well as the other symptoms) persist, it might be wise to get some brainscans done just to rule out the possibilty of a brain tumor (not trying to scare you,here).

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