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Why SMART TMS is ineffective and a ripoff

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Here's SMART TMS's offer, and "their evidence" on TMS and DPD. To the people who know about this, why is it that their current treatment is a ripoff?
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I can't access the links. 50% of the internet is down from my location. But, experiences with SMART TMS from people goes back to 2017 when there were a number of people who tried. They don't have neuronavigation and that makes the locations they try imprecise and they exclude tried location like the right VLPFC because they cannot locate it. That is a general problem with 90% of private providers of rTMS right now. They try the right TPJ and in trials where neuronavigation is used at this location 50% respond and particularly people who have been sympathetic for few years. This location is not very effective for emotional numbing but dissociation. I think their response rate most be under 50%. So, they might be able to locate the right TPJ or areas close to it without neuronavigation and have some response in some.

There is a clinic in the Nederlands that have treated more than 10 people last year with 4.responding. They try the right and left DLPFC and then the right TPJ without neuronavigation. Angular gyrus could be a better candidate than the right TPJ -the french trial will show. But, the current methods used for locations by most private rTMS providers makes prospects for a treatment very limited.
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