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Well lately I've been struggling with reality. Am I real? Is this real? Is this a dream? Solipsism? All these stupid questions that depersonalization makes you feel and think and it's horrible. Well ik sick of questioning reality and solipsism.

Even though right now I have doubts and even sometimes belief none of this exist or that it's all my imagination and I'm the only existent thing here, it's not true, at all. If you're suffering from thoughts like this it sucks. It's like you're not suffering from depersonalization anymore just suffering from whether reality and everyone around you exist? Can you guys relate. Anyway I think the reason these thoughts happen is because we don't understand how we're here.

To us everything needs a starting point. So at one point we wonder "how could we exist when at one point there was nothing, how did nothing create something?" Well my conclusion is there was always something. That's why I believe in god. I'm pretty sure somewhere in the bible it explains how time on earth is different then where he is and how he explains he has always been there forever. Whether that makes sense after all he is god so if you believe in religion why doubt him.

To me god is real and he has always been here. We see that time in space is much different then on earth! And in things like black holes and something with physics there's this thing that leads to infinite time and mass or something and it blows away all physics and things like that. Anyway my point being, we are all real. You're not in a dream. You're right here! Stop these thoughts of solipsism and questioning reality.

Also if you were like me and found something called quantum physics don't waste your time. Although I believe in it, the things you find on the Internet are insane. They say quantum physics proves we don't exist some how even though they existed in some way to prove it. That's just jumbo jumbo and assumptions. Quantum physics is just another understanding of the reality we live in, it doesn't mean it's not real. The idea of "reality is an illusion" is somewhat true but not from the point we don't exist. Just the physical world is not as physical as it seems because particles can act as waves and particles. It's very interesting.

We are physical but the world as we see it is definitely different then we realize. Point being WE ALL EXIST AND ARE ALL ALIVE. Drop solipsism. It's hard but you can do it. Reality is exactly what it use to be before depersonalization!

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May 10 2014 10:42 AM

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May 10 2014 12:47 PM

Why use words like reality? You might as well ask do numbers or words exist! They are useful... But do not get hung up on them.

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May 12 2014 01:27 PM

YouTube Tom Campbell and ToE.
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