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Why my Dp is permanent for life

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I wish i had a solution but sadly after abusing alchohol and weed at a young age things got worse and not better when i decided to quit. I quit both alcohol and weed abrubtly and my anxirty was at an all time high, my doctor decided to proscribe me a benzodiazipine which destroyed my nervous system without me understanding. Finally after a year of learning i found out i would have to ween off of it on my own. It took me 3 years and the dp was very very strong. After that i hit my head on a snowboard trip and because of my weakened state of brain i have now been diagnosed with a chronic form of temporal lobe epilepsy from head injury and my dp is so bad i cant think straight and have all sort of time loops and weird thought procceses. The benzo withdrawal, prior anxiety and ocd , stress and now my temporal lobe epilepsy, there seems to be no way out of this. I really wish my life was over. I cant get off my last mg of benzo because it couls make my seizures worse, and there not even fully controlled on lamotrigine. My brain is so fried i dont have the answers anymore and don't think theres a solution anymore
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