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Why my Dp is permanent for life

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I wish i had a solution but sadly after abusing alchohol and weed at a young age things got worse and not better when i decided to quit. I quit both alcohol and weed abrubtly and my anxirty was at an all time high, my doctor decided to proscribe me a benzodiazipine which destroyed my nervous system without me understanding. Finally after a year of learning i found out i would have to ween off of it on my own. It took me 3 years and the dp was very very strong. After that i hit my head on a snowboard trip and because of my weakened state of brain i have now been diagnosed with a chronic form of temporal lobe epilepsy from head injury and my dp is so bad i cant think straight and have all sort of time loops and weird thought procceses. The benzo withdrawal, prior anxiety and ocd , stress and now my temporal lobe epilepsy, there seems to be no way out of this. I really wish my life was over. I cant get off my last mg of benzo because it couls make my seizures worse, and there not even fully controlled on lamotrigine. My brain is so fried i dont have the answers anymore and don't think theres a solution anymore
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because of your head injury, before you try any meds it really has to be talked with your doctor and neurologist for sure.

I can't offer much but they think i have a nervous system disorder (Adrenergic Storm or dysautonomia we don't know) i've been talking to doctors about it lately, something that they might try is the combination of beta blockers with Clonidine, when combined these two don't work like they do on there own (works better).

"the blood pressure lowering effects of clonidine appear related to the centrally mediated and/or direct suppression of peripheral noradrenergic activity, indicating the utility of clonidine in cases of hypertension were the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is hyperactive."

but yeah it's a neurologist who should be the main go to, oh and clonidine is used for withdrawal also commonly, i have not tired it yet nor profess to know much about it yet, so just a few thoughts
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