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why is our world going to hell?

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Im about ready to give up reading the news. Everything I read recently is so depressing. Why is the world going to hell?
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Heaven and Hell are both ****-sapian words/Ideas, we invented them, so in that context we see and experience Heaven and Hell everyday....we also have both Heaven and Hell inside us. In the big scheme of things (Universe/Earth) Earth can be Heaven and we are Hell. An Earth without us would be Heaven. But thats just a some Human beings opinion of Heaven which is a word/Idea invented by Humans. To cut a long story short the world is going to Hell because of us, either that or we are Hell, I havent decided yet,...its early in the morning.

Alex :?
Wait I think i may have answered the wrong question (should have read it correctly) So the question is "Why is OUR world going to hell"

Dakotajo do you mean that as in we (Humans) own the Earth or do you mean it as in the WORLD we have created for ourselves as in the structure of society and how we have chosen to exist. Which has been much the same since day dot.

The answer above is assuming we dont own the Universe/Earth and that we are part of it. (an absurd concept ..I know)

Sorry for the confusion....can you specify please? :)

1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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