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why is it bad for you to not having emotions?

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many people (almost everybody) who has this condition complain and suffer very much about this particular symptom. but why? did you ever think about it? i mean i dont want to say its easy or just forget about it, but did you ever asked yourself why you think its bad to not being able to feel emotions anymore?

i did that, and i came to a few conclusions:

1. im addicted to have emotions (dont know if particularly good ones but it might be so)
2. i think that i need love from other people (this is connected with the first point, but a bit more specific)
3. im not happy with my life and there is a lot of work to do, if i want to get at a better place at life, and sad emotions would comfort me (because it did so my entire life)
4. anhedonic consequences

please think about this and share your points, i think its a very good point to work with.

thanks for reading and replying
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No emotions means no passion, no excitement, no desire, no spirituality. Emotions add color to an otherwise black and white world. I write as someone who lost his emotional capacity suddenly due to a more than two dozen epileptic discharges in my temporal lobe. I was easily able to contrast my former life with a full range of emotions vs life without positive emotions. There is no real comparison. After the loss of my positive emotions, my family seemed alien. I assume this was because the emotional context of my memories of them were missing. I lived on my intellect until my I regained some of my former emotional capacity. It was only with that recovery that life became worth living again.
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