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First of all - Hello Evreyone!

Second of all, my english is not that good because its not my native language.

I am 22 years old.

After a long time of extreme stress, a lot changes in my life, boiling emotions and stuff, I suddenly got a panic attack. out of nowhere.

that was so trumatizing me because it was the first time it was that huge panic attack. I suddenly felt my mind seperate my body, due the poewr of the attack.

Yes; i felt in the first time in my life what DP is. The unreality world, the non-emotions and thoughts state. the feeling that i dont recognize my self.

The first week was a HELL. I can feel evreyone's pain of all the "self lost" feeling. I was There too. I am very pround man so i fight myself day after day. I Could sense my self in my mind, but it was really blank and foggy. Therefore, I start to understand what is all about. I have a friend that got this state for 2 monthes after a long time of chronic stress. He was there too. He help my to find my self slowly and talk to him really help me to understand a few points.

I really respect all of you. Youre really strong, but with lack of real information.

1. Panic Attack one for a time - is healty. its drop all of our stress and help the mental system get balanced.

2. DP is ONLY a symptom of a shocking mind. its not a real disorder. When anxitey come to our mind, the DP help our brian the defend itself and its effect is like "power outage" to the mind. You can't return the power to all the state, you need to do it city-city. this is how DP works and thats why its taking a while. I have zero belive that there any bad conotation to DP and there is NOT a disorder. it ain't take so long to "return" ourselves.

I am not in any state right now beside 1 state.

My Psy' diagnosed me with one condition and its - Depression. I belive that there is a episode of depression after a svere panic attack, that bring that full power DP. That hard panic attack had a reason to popup and it came from severe stress. you can see by yourself that Depression and DP have a lot in common and that beacuse the feeling is not DP at all! Its depression in your life. The higher you were before, the harder you fall.

there is no help but to do changes in your life.

I think that all of you (and us) have at least one thing in common and its the self senstive to our soul. we can feel any change, any movemnet, any emotion. if youre really anxious, that DP is got stronger, but its have it limit. it cant get worse and in some point, it will disappear and once it will, it cant come back beacuse our mind got a higer level of mental strength. I have no dp after i understand it.

for my opinion, most of you had no DP at all and its all deception of the mind / too worried / not fully understand that is not a mental distractive state but a period. thats it.

Its not insainity and not a DSM disorder. its nothing but one of the reaction of the mind. I really thing that there something in your life that made you to point and when its gone it was convine with depression. all you need to do is changes to happier life and if you talk to a friend couple of time, you can so that you connect to youreself again.

Have a great day!
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