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I feel it is almost impossible to focus on beating DP/DR at the moment because of all the physical symptoms I am having that came since I went into DR

From the moment I slipped into DR (I remember exactly when it happened and what I was doing 3 weeks ago today, I was checking an e-mail that I was REALLY scared to know the out come of and I felt my head go before I got to it) I seem to have a host of physical symptoms since then

also on the day I went into DR I went to the doctors the next day and she said I had a bit of an ear infection also, so I went onto drops for my ears.

since then i have had..

Mild headache or, kind of pressure, or something..
slight dizziness, sort of
light headed a bit
cant get to sleep well, or stay asleep properly
tired allot
mild nausea
ear discomfort
and what worries me more than anything is on occasion my left pupil is a smaller than my right, and i have slightly less clear vision out of my left eye.

despite since then the doctor saying if it were anything nasty my pupils would be odd sized all the time, he has referred me to neurologist for a scan anyway, I have had all blood tests come back fine, but I am so worried I cant take it, I am crawling the walls with worry, anxiety (GAD) Depression, Stress etc etc, how can I keep my worry in control when I am waiting to hear about the brain problem I probably have.

I am not sure what happens to other people but I see people talking about when they have a panic attack they experience DP or DR, well what worries me is, since I felt the world go to a DR state, that is it, its been like it ever since, not when I am panicking etc, just that's it, boom, not been the same since. dream state kind of set in, and has STAYED, 24/7

I ran first thing this morning, and went to the gym and trained this afternoon and felt OK, feeling like I was getting More stamina and stronger again, but in the middle of watching a film I decided to look in the mirror and check my pupil size and my left was smaller, notably, so I am in MASSIVE panic mode still, I will have all hell trying to sleep tonight, I am booked into the opticians tomorrow afternoon.

Like I am going to sleep a wink this evening...

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You need to pick up the telephone, dial your doctor's phone number, and ask for help.

You need to tell your doctor everything you posted here. We know zero and cannot help you get through this. Hearing our stories is not going to help you except peripherally. When you are feeling better, come back and read everything that looks pertinent.

Everything you described could well be anxiety; ask your doctor for help with that.

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I have done, this is the problem.

I have been through 3 doctors and all my blood tests have come back fine, short of seeing a neurologist, which i have now been referred to, but I really had to push for that because I was told "I am not displaying enough signs of neurological trauma to send me to the neurologist."

so I just cant stop thinking what is the damned point in waiting until I show more signs? do they want me to drop down before they bother?

I have to wait a few weeks before I get to see the neurologist, grrrrr.

I find myself in a position where I am PRAYING for a psycological problem! at least that can be dealt with.

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tranquilizers ? well, I am taking in the evening a herbal sleep aid, which contains Valerian Root, Hops, and Passion Flower, these are all natural relaxants, and it does help.

don't think the doctor can help now anyway, just need to see what the optician and neurologist have to say.

I just know that I have a large ammount of symptoms to just be caused by Anxiety, Stress & Depression.

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It probably IS a psychological problem only. That's my unprofessional opinion.

Those symptoms are precisely what "just" anxiety, stress, and depression do!!

When's your neuro appointment?

You need to plan NOW with your doctor what you will do when the neuro says you are FINE.

Therapy sounds good to me; how does it sound to you? There are various kinds -- you'd have to see which is best for you.

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Due to the immense amount of trauma in my life I think therapy may be a great idea, I would love to go and get my head checked out, my ex girlfriend had been suggesting I go for years, but after this derealization and anxiety and depression, if I am physically fine, then I would really love to go to an expert who can say "this is what I think the problems are" I just battled on before, pain/misery whatever, I battled on and got on with my life, but after this breakdown thingy, and all the problems that it has caused, if indeed it is root problem of everything, physical symptoms as well, then I would run there now if i could, to a psychologist, but things take forever round here so even if i decided I needed to see sombody it would take weeks to get referred and an appointment anyway.

I am aware of the fact Depression, Anxiety and Stress can cause many physical symptoms, including if you feel run down your immune system can take a real hit, making you more prone to physical infections anyway. I do indeed hope very much the root problems are psychological. If I can just be sure I am physically OK then I can start to address the psychological, but it is very hard to give a shit about psychological problems when you think you are going to die from a brain tumor or something of the like.

going to opticians today.
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